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Photo Submissions

Been traveling, or saw something incredible and happen to have your camera handy. Snap a shot, write a short story about the photo or the event, send it to me by email (photos must be .jpg or .gif format) and I'll post it here. (I'll print up to four stories a month on this page, so keep them coming - I can always add more pages.)


A broken birdbath is the least of his worries. Being caught in the act of attempting to put it all back together might be a bit of a challenge. This little emp is my youngest son, enjoying a bit of his life playing ball, and having an oops moment. Hummmmm...

Shall we let him off the hook?

Precious as that face is, his deep concern for the birds in our recent drought, not having water in their birdbath when they needed it, was even more devine!


Amid the thorns that protect the precious moisture in the cactus growing wild across the Colorado plaines, we find blossoms beautiful enough to prove God's existence. In early spring, these blossoms fill the prairie with color and wonder. It isn't difficult to locate color this magnificent in a land of barren grey.

Look around and see what color life is providing in your neighborhood. Focus on the magnificent beauty of life and know that the thorns are there for protection. We learn when we get pricked!


Eastern Colorado - one of the mildest climates in the USA - YEAR AROUND!!!

It's wonderful! WE are blessed by Texas Mosquitos, Oklahoma Dirt Storms, Kansas Tornados, and The Nebraska Huskers all at the same time, and often in the same season!!! And the best part is, every now and then Wyoming sends us a few of those BLASTED Wyoming Cowboys!!! If you can get past all of that - a snow storm out of the big blue now and then is a trip to the beach and a piece of cake!

The water here will rott your teath - it has more minerals in it than a mining camp. The farm boys here grow their own (and we're not talking tobacco), so it makes for interestingly flavored brownies. If you can avoid Trinidad, your DNA will match your body parts, and you have all the wonders in the world (or at least the many here in Colorado) within a day's drive. I'd recommend you try out my home town, but most recently they are attempting to interject a prison into the community and we are at WAR with city government!

We do have positive air flow though - we are renowned most recently as the windiest hill in the state - with our new wind powered generators creating a nice breeze (don't tell OK but our objective is to blow back some of that red dirt!)

If you come to check us out, watch out for the Street Cars as you drive through Wildhorse (they've been known to leave bodies in their wake), and avoid Fowler and Hugo - their infamous speedtraps will eat your dinner and hang you out to dry!

You'll know when you've arrived, the smell of money will welcome you with it's overwhelming appeal!

Oh - and those giant grasshoppers in the fields that keep bobbing their heads up and down, usually mean there's oooyyyyaaaalllll in them there hills!


Out in the back yard, near a tree with a thousand hanging branches is a path that leads to nowhere. It isn't one of those meandering paths that wonders through the forest of exquisite sites and ever changing gardens, it is simply a path that isn't overgrown, where kids can walk and play.

Often as I wandered there as a child, I would think of all the miraculous moments that could happen there. A kiss, maybe a pair of lovers meeting for the first time to understand the meaning of love, or a child wondering into the path to find some treasured pet, anything could have happened there.

I remember looking at the place where a dead branch had been removed from a tall old elm and thinking how it needed a pair of innitials carved there in a heart. But it never happened. Now years later, that old knothole has become overgrown by the bark of the tree, and anything carved there would be hidden and gone.

In one corner of the path, a broken down old limb, hung low and bent off to the side had often provided a place for me to read a favorite book, and on occasion, a place for a nap. A rocky place along the path had more than once been a place for a picnic, with us sitting on the smaller rocks, and using the large flat rock as our table.

Beneath the trees on one side, we had formed roads in the dirt, scavaging out bridges and other formations, to implement our travels along the path. My childhood was spent in this pathway that runs alongside my family home.

Through the many years, I've planted various flowers there, placed potted flowers and benches along the trail, and more recently built a pond there, for koi and gold fish. But even so, it is much the same, changed over time, but still a barren place with trees overhead, just a place to spend some time.

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