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Writers do way more than just write about important people. Writers are often very actively involved in the art of living, and have extremely interesting lives of their own. While this page is primarily about how writers accomplish their craft, I believe it is also about how they achieve their life goals, what those goals are, and how they interact with others along the way.

Terrence Brejla

From the time I was 12 I wanted to be a writer. In fact the title of my second novel, "A Heap of Broken Images" I came up with when I was's a quote from T.S, Eliot's "The Wasteland."...shows what a nerd I was at 12, reading T.S. Eliot.

First thing every day when I get up at 5:15 AM is look at San Francisco Bay out my front window and then gaze to the left at the Golden Gate Bridge....very inspiring...

I've written all my life...first book published in 2000.

No pen name...

Advice: "If you want to be a writer, you must write each and every day." from Ray Bradbury

Advice to others: Same as above plus "Believe in yourself. You can do it."

I am certainly not at the point where I can write full time and not worry about a day job...but hopefully sometime soon. I run the SF office of a major LA Ad and PR agency.

Writers Block...never had it...really and truly...never experienced it..

One thing:
Hmm...I guess a surprising thing about me would be that I played with Jimmy Buffett for 3 years....

                                    and the Abstract Truth: A Don Decarlo Thriller
Blues and the Abstract Truth: A Don Decarlo Thriller


Terry Brejla is an inspiration to other authors, offering encouragement and knowledge to the friendship. Check out his books at the links below, and see what you think!

A Heap
                                             of Broken Images:A Don DeCarlo Thriller
A Heap of Broken Images:A Don DeCarlo Thriller

                                             Son: A Don DeCarlo Thriller
Senator's Son: A Don DeCarlo Thriller

                                    and the Abstract Truth: A Don DeCarlo Thriller
Blues and the Abstract Truth: A Don DeCarlo Thriller

Interview Questions

The development of alternative energy is important, as is the development of purposeful thought and reconsiliation of factual history against current reality. We are the combined result of those we meet, the books we've read, and our experiences in life. From our past, we choose our impact on the future.

What impact will you have on the future?

Interview for Newsletter

(Please answer any or all of the questions below. If you agree to it, please enclose a photo for me to add to our site, with the interview, and provide pertinent information you wish me to share in the interview; your location, resume, website, list of books/publications, etc.)

What prompted you to become a writer?
What was the most prolific one liner you ever wrote and what did it inspire?
What do you do everyday that inspires you to write something down?
How long have you been a writer?
Do you use a pseudonym? Why?
What advice did you get as a young writer had the most impact on your career?
What advice would you give to a writer, just starting out?
There are always hungry days, as a writer, what one thing did you do during those days that made a difference for your career?
The block. We all get it at times. What do you do to avoid writer’s block?
What one thing have you always wanted to share, and nobody has asked the corresponding question?

Send finished interview to:<a href="">Jan Verhoeff</a>

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