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Book Reviews

Whew, with all the writers hanging about at my place, you'd think I could get one of them to sit down and write out a review of a book they've read. Not counting the ones I require of the students hanging out around my table, I rarely get input from other authors. I'm not sure if that means authors don't read, or authors don't write about what they read...


Wild Gardenias
By: P. Elizabeth Collins

I have to admit romance novels either make me want to gag or crave for more. WILD GARDENIAS definitely made me long for more. It's an obvious love story, well packaged in a slew of deception, racism and intrigue with a nice element of clashing and the coming together of the social and economic classes. The backdrop is set in a very controversial period in American history, the Vietnam War. Collins does a very good job of not getting tied down with the particulars of the war itself.

WILD GARDENIAS has all the backstabbing and misunderstandings of a classic romance and yet the author doesn't forget about the true grit of reality. Its protagonist, China, is as pure as she is beautiful with such will and determination she's able to get through some tough times. She doesn't make things any easier when she sometimes mistakes enemies for friends.

I couldn't wait to get to the end of the book so that I wouldn't skip ahead to find out what was going to happen, all the while not wanting the story to finish. So, if you like romance and would like to go back in time when women were demure by nature and men were more genteel, read WILD GARDENIAS.

Tami Newton

Wild Gardenias


America After Siege: Roadmap To Victory After 9/11

Written By: Elaine I. Duval, Ph.D.

I wonder what life would be like in America after 9/11, if we were willing to hear the heart of the Saviour Who loves us. Would not showers of mercy and healing come if we ran towards Him, our arms open wide, to snuggle deep into His Bosom? Instead we dissolve into bitterness, grief and rage amongst ourselves.

If only America would heed the outcry of Dr. Duval. Perhaps her voice of one crying in the modern wilderness of fear will echo across the ages one message: Strength, Freedom, and Love come from relationship to the Living God, the Messiah, the Christ. It is the only roadmap to victory that will stand the test of time.

                           After Siege
America After Siege


Sign Of The Calla Lily: Book 1

By: Sara Price

Sign of the Calla Lily is a delightful fantasy story full of wonderful characters and believable magic. There are dragons, spells, and villains who come to life in the pages. Sara Price has written a book that you will not want to stop reading once you start. It is thoroughly an enjoyable book that leaves you wanting more. Her characters have depth and you can feel yourself being transported into their world.

Janea and Cassia's life convene for a short time, when Cassia is brought to the camp where she is a slave. The love that grows between the slave woman and infant is strong and unending, even after being torn apart, when Cassia is sold at the age of two. Janea earns her freedom from slavery for taking care of Cassia, after the child she loves is sold. As the story unfolds, there is danger, love, and magic ahead for both women.

Ms. Price has done a superb job writing this truly charming story. The title and ending gives you hope there will be a Book 2 of Sign Of The Calla Lily to look forward to. I highly recommend this book to all fantasy lovers, and even to those who aren't.

This would be an entertaining book to read to children that I'm sure would keep their attention for days. I will admit that I would never have chosen to read this book, if I were not a reviewer, because fantasy has never been my favorite genre. This book has opened my mind to the possibility of fantasy quickly become one of my favorites.

Lola Pierce Author of Protected By Angels

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