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"Contributor's Guidelines"

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Contributor's Guidelines

Please contribute your original articles. All copyrights belong to you, we only ask for right to publish one time, on this site. Please keep content, family oriented, I home school and many children do read and contribute to this site as well. If adult content is contributed (as in a book review), please keep it respectful and be mindful of the fact that children might read what is actually posted here. Please NOTE: All inappropriate work will be rejected, though you may not be notified.

All work must be submitted via email, for consideration. No reimbursement in the form of monetary gain is either paid or implied. Your name will be included on any posts you submit, and a one paragraph (100 words or less) informational bio, including your email address and website may be included at the bottom of any written article you submit. (Please remember famiy content only - on any site referrals.)

Thank you for your participation an assistance in making Ponder Ezine a remarkable publication!

Jan Verhoeff

The type of content I'm looking for includes: Book Reviews, articles about HOW TO write, photographs, interesting 'plot line' articles that are informational and fun to read.
A suggested length for articles is 250 to 1000 words. (Depending on content and style longer articles may be included. I'm convincible, convince me why your longer article should be posted.)
The format in which I'd like to have articles is text copied into the body of the document. Photos should be .jpg or .gif.
Please feel free to include the site address of the ezine to your family and friends, or business associates. You may use a print off or the site address on any mailing referencing your work, provided you use the entire page, including the site data at the bottom of the pages.

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