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Photo By Leah

One of my favorite holiday hang outs is the Beach at South Haven, Michigan. I love the sunsets there, and the lighthouse cove. It's restful and relaxing to just watch the sun reflect off the water and slip away to the midwest on the other side of the lake.

Photo source: unknown

This mill in Tennesse held our attention for a while. I remember the stop, and wishing we could trail inside, but it appeared a bit dangerous. Our camera wasn't working so a fellow traveler gave us a copy of a photo he had taken the previous fall. It was an awesome gift, I just wish I'd gotten his name.


This delightful photo of quaking aspens is my site trademark, filling the side veiw of every page. Raised in Colorado, Aspen trees are a major part of my life, in everything from autumn trips to see the color, to springtime visits to the mountains. We spend a lot of our time admiring the Aspen Trees, and even wearing jewelry made from the fading Aspen leaves dipped in gold. Our Colorado treasure - to be admired!


Windmills dot the Colorado landscape. Useful for obtaining water over a hundred years ago, these tools of civilization are still much used today!

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