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Need information about how to get your book published?  I'm adding information of this sort to this page, and I'll be offering some sample query letters, and other documents as well as some information about how to educate yourself about these important resources.


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Query Letters

Meant to increase your chances of being published - by marketing your work, Query Letters are a tool for the writer. With experience and confidence Query Letters become easier and simpler to write. Just remember you are selling not only your work, but yourself.

Suggestion below:

Dear Publisher:

Fielding Day at the Harbor inspired my inner child, "Presumption Tales" was the result. The beating of the surf against the bough of many ships was like the beating of my heart. Each ship had a story to tell, and I presumed to tell those tales. From the depth of my being I heard them cry out, sharing their fate and adventure, corrupt in nature and innocent by trade, I kept their secrets... until now.

Broken vessels, worn by the sea, they sailed the oceans to ports unknown. Their trips began as adventures anew, yet continued through storms and waves that took them off course, beat their sails, and ripped from them members. Man overboard, the cries were heard, only for the cries to subside, as the body disappeared from the surface of the water, lost forever in the seas. Vessels burdened with history, death, doom and destruction, standing proud at the edge of the dock, withstanding the storms of life on the ocean. Calm, recalcitrite, forelorne in the fog, the vessels called out to me.

As a daughter of the harbor, my heart yearns to share the temptress, the sea. Through my essays I capture the heart of the ocean, the depth of adventure, the unknown. Love lost, I understand, for my life has been chaotic and sad. Joy fills my soul; trials have filled my days. I share the joy and exuberance of eternity through the desperate fates that befall me in my written work. Each story I write includes the essence and invitation of salvation; my cup of joy is full.

Enclosed is a synopsis of "Presumption Tales" please contact me with further information about publishing my work with Publisher X at the address or email below.


For more information about writing Query Letters, I would like to introduce you to fellow writer, Dianne E. Butts.  Please visit her site at: Dianne E. Butts

"No doubt writing query letters is one of the greatest challenges
writers face: we must include all the necessary information with
enough finesse to show off good writing, and do it all in one page!"
~ Dianne E. Butts

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