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Words to Ponder


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Research reveals much at the hands of a writer. Miniscule bits of information can be snagged from the most opportune moments, fulfilling the desire of a lifetime or setting a dream into motion.

Below are some informative links, some relate to Jan's internet interests, some are information, some belong to friends, and all of them present an opportunity for you to learn something new and interesting.


Lamar Writer's Group

Wow! A letter From Santa.

Windmill Arts

Joyous Recipes

Bill Bunting

Tea Parties

Vincent Gearhart

Mom's Write

Writer Digest

Copy Writing

Writer Consultant

Brenna's Missions


Dianne E Butts

The Lamar Daily News

The Denver Newspaper Agency

Prairie Sky Gallery

The Lamar Library History


ERM Genealogy

Faster Delivery

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